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UPDATES MONDAYS! What happens when you combine the worlds of video games, anime and online comics? You get two (2) robotic otakus, one (1) grump of a living vaccum, an angry Overlord of the Netherworld (!), an Anime High Councle, anthropomorphic animals, and so far two (2) authors to keep things running. And Deadpool? He just steals the show. Follow what many would call an adventure, what some would call a headache, and what every one in this comic call Just Another Day! NOW ACCEPTING CAMEOS! PM DARMANARYA


» Twitter stuff!

That's right! We have some Twitter pages now! ...Ok only two, but still! So far we only have my twitter (@ChaosMaster42) and one character account, Impmon (@rantingimp). Follow mine to get some hopeful inside details about upcoming projects and other things. Or follow Impmon to see what trouble he has gotten into lately, or leave a question for the Ranting Imp comic. Seriously, we need more questions before I can make a new update for that.

» Bad news every one.

The laptop I'm currently useing for web stuff suffered a major crash last night. I'm not sure what happened but it was enough to cause a key part of the boot up phase to vanish. I hope to get things fix on hopefully Monday or atleast looked at. So until furrther notice, I'm going to be kinda inactive for a bit. I'll try to get back to you guys asap.

Then again, seeing as no one noticed the last post, I doubt this will effect the holiday specal no more than derailing it for this year.

» Big special comics coming, my need some help.

Hello there JAD fans! If you are reading this that means you are atleast slichtly currious about this post. So down to business, I plan to have JAD updating again soon starting with a special week (or seven day period) of updates in the form of this year's Christmas special. How ever, I'm gonna need some help. If you are interested in helping, senda PM to me. I'm mainly looking for help with the script and present ideas for some of the cast. Tell me what you'ld like to help with by November 23 and we can get the ball rolling. Also, check back Monday for a preveiw of the special.

Till then, see ya!


Well i am dealing with my first year of college IRL, so im a tad bit slow. Chamas is dealing with college too so expect fewer posts until we get situated.

» No comic on 7/9/2012

There won't be a comic on Monday due to lack of preperation, time, and modivation. Instead the comic for next Monday maybe bigger. Maybe.

» Mood change

During my absence i have been studying comucs and i came to a conclusion: All sprite comics are joke comics. I have decided to take the next storyline in a different direction. just weep (or start) reading and you will find out what i mean.

» Delay reasons((more!))

Chaosmaster's grandmother died monday night. It his his storyline at the moment. so i will be posting fillar but do not expect a full comic for a little while.

» Delays acoming.

Well, the power suply on my laptop (that has ALL my sprite work on it) is shot. So this meens until I can get a new one, my comics will be few and far between. I'll still try to update, but I can't say for sure.

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